Why SmartMatch™

Are any of the following situations frustrating to you as an applicant?

  • The job description is so generic and vague that you really don’t have a good idea of exactly what the hiring organization is specifically looking for in an applicant (i.e., YOU)
  • You must set up an account in some system before you can even apply
  • Usually, as a part of the set-up process, you must create usernames, passwords (those passwords require certain combinations), sometimes even security questions…just to get to the application
  • You must set up an account with every company you apply for.  That means if you apply to 50 jobs at 50 different companies, that’s 50 usernames and 50 passwords to memorize…even if all 50 of those companies used the same applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Having to separately login to every company’s system (ATS) to find out the status of an application or manage your application
  • Limited-to-no ability to update your application after it’s been submitted
  • Limited-to-no ability to delete your own information.  It does raise the question…if you are applying for the job and are therefore not an employee yet, does the company really get to own your data?
  • Dealing with very confusing site navigation and a bad user interface/experience
  • You upload your resume and then retype all the information that was on your resume
  • All the legal language attached to each individual self-identification question…and if I’m not going to answer one of those questions, I’m probably not likely to answer the other questions either
  • Dealing with non-mobile friendly applications that make you scroll for days, input fields, and then get a bunch of errors that you must correct
  • Being concerned about some AI bot not finding the right keywords on your resume and so you don’t even get a chance to be considered
  • Knowing that you are submitting a resume that, if reviewed at all, will be reviewed for 6 seconds on average (true stat…look it up)
  • Realizing that unfortunately, unconscious bias is extremely prevalent when recruiters or hiring managers are reviewing resumes, and that bias could absolutely impact your ability to get to the next step
  • Realizing that applicant tracking systems (ATS) organize applicants chronologically by the date and time they applied.  That means that even if you are the most qualified applicant out of 250 total applicants for a job, but you just happened to apply 249th, there is a high probability your application won’t even get looked at
  • Not having some immediate feedback regarding if you are in consideration
  • Not seeing anything regarding the status of your application
  • Not hearing anything until 30, 60, 90, 180 days after you applied, or not hearing anything at all

SmartMatch™ manages all your online job applications

  • Submit your application without setting up an account
  • Manage all your job applications from different companies in one place (if they use SmartMatch™)
  • Edit your application information in one place, which means all your applications at different companies will be automatically updated 
  • See updates on all your job applications from different companies in one place (if they use SmartMatch™)
  • Always control 100% of your data
  • Have certain applicant data “masked” (hidden) to the hiring organization that may cause unconscious bias such as name, college attended, graduation dates, etc. (the hiring organization must turn this functionality on in their account)
  • Mobile-first applicant experience
  • Have a painfully simple user interface to interact with
  • Submit your resume and it will pre-populate the fields, so you don’t need to retype everything
  • Bypass all the self-identification questions and legal jargon with one click
  • Finally see, with the type of questions being asked, what the job requirements really are
  • Knowing that your qualifications are not based on your resume, but rather on how well you match the role
  • Knowing there is no AI bot screening you out based on words in a resume
  • Knowing that if you are one of the most qualified applicants, it doesn’t matter when you applied
  • Receiving feedback in a very timely manner due to how SmartMatch™ manages applicants

SmartMatch™ improves the hiring experience for job applicants