More Information on Former Manager Ratings

Hello Former Manager,

By this point, you have either received an email, a text, or both regarding one or more former employees asking for you to rate them in their previous role.  So what is this all about?  I’ll explain below along with some FAQs to help answer your questions.

Your former employee is applying for a job at a company that uses a software called SmartRank to screen and select top-matched job applicants.

The request you received was facilitated by SmartRank which stack-ranks job applicants without the use of a resume.  In addition, SmartRank provides their clients with ratings on each applicant that are derived from those applicants’ former managers like you.  

Your former employee was not required to provide your information, they did so voluntarily.  If you choose to answer a couple of quick questions about that former employee, which we encourage you to do, please do so knowing that your answers are kept strictly confidential.  Neither the hiring company nor the former employee will know which former managers provided information and how those former managers answered any of the questions.

Did you say my former employee gave permission for me to rate them?

Yes.  Not only did your former employee give permission for you to rate them, but they also waived their rights to take any legal action against you for doing so.

How exactly are my answers kept confidential?

All of your answers are converted into numerical ratings, which are aggregated with those of other former managers.  The aggregated results are rendered into a single 5 star ratings result from all the former managers.

Can the hiring organization or my former employee that I’m rating see my answers?

No.  Applicants cannot see any information their former managers provide.  Hiring organizations only see an aggregated rating representing the results of all the former managers that responded.  Hiring organizations cannot decipher which results came from any former manager.

Does the hiring organization or my former employee that I’m rating know whether I responded?

No. Neither the applicant nor the hiring organization are aware of which former managers provided responses.

Will I have to provide responses for the same former employee if they apply to another company that also uses SmartRank?

If you provide responses for a former employee once, you will NOT be requested to provide responses for that same former employee again, even if they apply for a job at another company.  However, if you have not previously provided responses for a former employee and they apply for a job at another company that uses SmartRank, then you may be requested to provide responses again.

Can I rate this person again?

No.  Once you rate a former employee those ratings are aggregated, stored, and cannot be altered.

If I’m totally honest about a former employee’s poor performance, does that mean they will not get the job they are applying for?

Not necessarily.  The responses you, and other former managers, provide on a former employee do NOT impact the score that determines how that former employee will be stack-ranked in the SmartRank system.  The aggregated responses  which result in ratings for the applicant are just one data point for hiring organizations to evaluate when considering whether to bring that applicant in for an interview.

Why should I provide my response for this former employee?

As a current or former manager, you can most likely appreciate the challenges associated with making regretful hires and the benefits of making a great hire.  Not only would you be helping out a fellow manager to make a hiring decision, but you might just have the favor returned one day if you are looking for similar feedback on candidates you are considering hiring.

What do these ratings look like?